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Health Care Law

Our attorneys have represented physicians, nurses, dentists, psychologists, pharmacists, chiropractors, medical clinics, managers and management companies in state and federal grand jury investigations and prosecutions. Allegations included No-fault, Medicare and Medicaid fraud, such as billing for services not rendered, up-coding, performing unnecessary services and kickback violations. 

Despite the seriousness of the allegations, our firm has frequently negotiated resolutions that avoided the filing of criminal charges, and minimized disruption to our clients' practices and impact on their licenses.

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The Law Office of John N. Tasolides has represented corporate and individual clients in the health care industry in complex business disputes pending in federal and state courts. We have extensive experience handling complex disputes in a wide range of commercial cases, including, partnership and close corporation disputes; claims of fraud; disputes over agreements with suppliers, franchises, vendors, and distributors; non competition agreements, contract disputes, employment discrimination, and insurance fraud/reimbursement.

Office Of Professional Medical Conduct, Department Of Education

We have represented licensed health care professionals before the Office of Professional Medical Conduct and the Department of Education in New York State as well as before the licensing boards in other states.

Medical Record Audits

Private insurance companies, Medicare, and HMOs -- have significantly increased their scrutiny of medical providers, leading to a growing number of medical records audits. These audits begin with what appears to be an innocuous request for a random sample of patient records, or it may identify specific diagnostic or procedure codes. Our team has  the experience to assist clients in responding to such requests with the care necessary to help avoid significant problems, and reimbursement demands that can result.

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