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Transportation Law

The transportation industry is governed by specific laws and regulations. Operating a business that uses trucks often involves industry specific legal issues and challenges. For these reasons, it is important to work with a law firm has experience representing truck-dependent businesses.

Our attorneys have extensive experience with transportation law. Whether it is representation in court, at an administrative hearing or providing advice, our goal is to successfully resolve the issues facing you or your company efficently and cost effectively.

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Operating a truck-dependent business can often lead to complex legal challenges, especially when fines and administrative penalties accumulate, threatening your business, permits, and driver's licenses. We understand the critical nature of these issues and are committed to helping you navigate the legal landscape effectively.

We can help with many types of complex and common legal challenges including:

  • Overweight and registration violations

  • Equipment violations- Out of Service

  • Inspection-Safety Check violations

  • Vehicle & Traffic Law violations

  • Record keeping log-book violations

Our team has experience in areas such as:

  • Transportation Law

  • Vehicle and Traffic Law

  • Environmental Conservation Law

  • DOT Administrative Proceedings

  • and other Trucking Violations

Fines and administrative penalties can quickly add up to thousands of dollars, threatening a truck dependant business, its permits and the licenses of its drivers.

Contact Us or call for a free consultation at (516) 682-8220.

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