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Emergency Medical Services and Surprise Bills law imposes obligations on New York healthcare providers

Under the Emergency Medical Services and Surprise Bills law which became effective April 1, 2015 healthcare providers in New York State who arrange for medical procedures where other healthcare providers will be rendering services (for example where a gastroenterologist arranges for an anesthesiologist to administer anesthesia during an office procedure) the health care provider who arranged for the services is now required to give the patient advance notice including the names and contact information of the other healthcare providers as well as how the patient can determine whether the other health care providers are in network or not.  In addition health care providers must give patients advance notice if they do not participate in the patients’ insurance plan.  Further the statute gives the patient the right to obtain a written estimate from the health care provider of the fees that will be charged for services.

We can help develop forms and procedures or review existing forms and procedures to assist health care providers comply with the law.

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